Psychrophile Style

Cool Anarctica

Among the many types of extremophiles that can live in extreme conditions, psychrophiles are microorganisms that thrive in cold environments. We actually have a lot of psychrophiles in a variety of landscapes throughout Earth, including Anthrobacter, a bacteria found in soil, and Psychrobacter, which can live in many sets of conditions and can cause human ailments.

I find psychrophiles particularly interesting because there are actually a number of large organisms on Earth that thrive under similar conditions. Other extremophiles, like anaerobes, don’t have many multi-cellular peers, but psychrophiles have something in common with the many larger cold-loving creatures on Earth.

One of my favorite large cold-loving creatures is the narwhal! Narwhals each have a giant tusk and live in Arctic waters. It’s amazing that they can thrive in such extreme conditions, as can numerous other Arctic creatures. I wonder if there could be alien narwhals in the subsurface oceans of other worlds!



3 thoughts on “Psychrophile Style

  1. Hmm… if these were to exist, could they be in other places in our solar system? Based on our readings, it’s not THAT absurd for them to exist in Europa 🙂 Albeit, the evolutionary history of the Narwhal is probably incredibly unique and not likely to be replicated, especially in our own Solar System, but a Narwhal lover can dream can’t he?


  2. While I am mainly commenting because of the narwhals, it is interesting that larger organisms have evolved to thrive in extreme temperatures. It can be safe to say that there’s no reason why organisms, even single-cell organisms, cannot form outside of the space of Earth, given that there are planets that fit the survival cap for these extremophiles.


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