Learning the Planets

We all remember trying to learn the names and order of the planets in our Solar System in grade school. Some of us got pretty thrown off by the removal and addition of Pluto on the list.

For me, the Blue’s Clues Planet Song we the best way to remember the planets and a fun fact about each of them. Below, you will find the lyrics to this adorable and helpful song.

Pics About Space

Another popular way to remember the planets is using mnemonic devices where the first letter of each planet is the first letter of each word in a silly sentence. The one I remember is “My Very Eloquent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas.”

Mnemonic-device.com has ideas for some other great silly sentences to help us remember the order of the planets. Below you will find some of my favorites, some of which have a “P” word at the end for Pluto, and some of which do not.

  • My Very Eyes May Just See Under Nine Planets
  • My Very Evil Mother Just Smacked Unicorn’s Nose
  • My Very Easy Method: Just SUN
  • My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets



3 thoughts on “Learning the Planets

  1. I hate admitting this, but I actually have a lot of trouble naming the planets in order. In my defense, I learned it in third grade and have never dealt with it since then! This was very helpful for me, and I plan on using this. I have a challenge for you though. I wrote my 4th blog about a potential 9th planet that has an incredibly high probability of existing. It is tentatively named Nibiru. If this planet is approved, what is a new pneumonic device we could use? For reference, it would be the farthest planet away, so it would be at the end!


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