Learning the Planets

We all remember trying to learn the names and order of the planets in our Solar System in grade school. Some of us got pretty thrown off by the removal and addition of Pluto on the list. For me, the Blue’s Clues Planet Song we the best way to remember the planets and a fun […]

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Want to Buy a Telescope?

If you would love to see deeper into space from your own home, you may be interested in buying your very own telescope! Fortunately, Sky & Telescope has some guidelines to help you make this big purchase, as described by Kelly Beatty in her recent article, “How to Choose Your First Telescope.”  Here are some highlights […]

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Historical Astronomers in Context

My chosen astronomer is Johannes Kepler, who lived from 12/27/1571 – 11/15/1630. Kepler helped us understand orbits. He developed three rules, the first of which tells us that things orbit in elliptical shapes. His second rule tells us that when something is in orbit, it sweeps equal areas in equal time. His third rule shows us a […]

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